Thursday, July 30, 2009

A visit to Glops

Just the other day the three editors of The Barcelona and Catalan Beer page had the chance to visit Glops microbrewery. So naturally, we all jumped at the chance. The brewmaster/owner of Glops, Alex, has a very down-to-earth style that makes it very easy to ask him questions about his beers. His explanations of how he started and how he makes his beers were clear and concise. The tasting at the end of the visit was great, as not only did we get the chance to sample three varieties, but with Alex on hand to explain exactly what went into to each beer it was a great way to delve a little deeper into what is fast becoming one of Barcelona's best-known microbreweries.

The three beers we sampled were:

Glops Blanca - White beer, cloudy and the spices with notes of coriander make this a particularly easy-drinking beer for the summer months.
Glops Fumada - In the Smoke Beer/Bamberg style, with notes of bacon and spices associated with the style, Alex said it was one of his favorites, and it's easy to see why.
Glops D'Hivern - Heavy notes of sweet spices, particularly honey and rosemary (he used a rosemary honey plus an additional dose of rosemary) for this one. It is an interesting beer, and a great choice if the mood hits you.

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