Sunday, May 1, 2011

Barcelona beer spots - 2d2dspuma

This little bar off the Passeig Maragall is pretty new and is one of my favorites. They've got a great beer store (one of the best Catalan microbrew selections I've seen) and right next store is their bar, which offers a lot of the beers. They have local beers on tap as well as  a good selection of bottles. They also do good food (they claim they make the best hamburgers on that side of the city, but as yet I have not had the pleasure of trying them so I can't confirm that. Down side is that bar-restaurant is only open in the evenings, but the beer store is open morning and evening (they do close for siesta) and is definitely worth a look.


Niklas said...

I am definitely checking this place out when I visit Barcelona in June.

Eric said...

It's definitely worth it!

JosB said...

I was there last week, during the overnight stop in Barcelona of the "UnMareDiBirra" beer cruise from Rome. We bumped into a couple of brewers as well. It is indeed very well worth hte visit, and the hamburgers are very tasty.