Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Homosibaris - Sants Beer Bar

Yesterday we stopped at Homosibaris for the first time. We picked a great time for it, right in the middle of the Festa Major de Sants. First of all, parking in the area is... well, let's just say it's probably easier to take the metro  - the nearest stop is less than 4 minutes from the Plaza Osca, where the bar sits (It's probably a ten minute walk from Plaza Espanya). It's a narrow, reasonably unpretentious place, and it looks like a great little hole in the wall when you walk in. There are some tables in the back, after the short bar and decent selection of bottled beers along the wall. There's not really any room at the bar itself, so we headed outside to enjoy the plaza.

The beer selection on tap was pretty good. Jake and I had the Agullons Sant Joan pale ale, which was pleasant, well balanced and a nice choice for sitting outside enjoying the late summer evening. Sherman had a very citric-heavy wheat beer from England and Devon had a more standard wheat beer which was very refreshing. The second round included the local stout. A little disappointed in the stout, which had a great burnt chocoloate/coffee aroma, which was immediately noticeable in the first taste but disappeared almost immediately, leaving very little else to the beer. For a beer which promised much, it was a bit of a let down.

Overall, the prices are not cheap, but the selection is nice and the setting is wonderful for locals and visitors to the city alike.

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