Wednesday, February 25, 2015

FORT Oatmeal Porter

Black with a small but long lasting head. Sweet roasted malt/oatmeal nose. Hint of hoppy bitterness. First impression was hoppier than expected for the style, lingering wet hops flavor but enjoyable. Didn’t notice the sweetness I expected from the aroma, basically I think because it was overpowered by the hops (sidenote, I fear that we are heading down a slippery slope with hops, where a decent ale is somewhat less decent because of our insistence on overusing hops). The oatmeal mellowed the beer though and in the end I thought it was an above average porter.  Would definitely drink another one, although at 6.1% (pretty much normal for the style) it's got more of a kick and is really less of a session ale and more of a post dinner kind of beer. 

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