Saturday, April 26, 2008

Barcelona Beer and much more!

We are glad to begin this new blog about beer. Our goal is to provide more information about the beer you can find in Barcelona and Catalonia. Not just the traditional and more famous beers like Estrella Damm, but true artisanal beers and, from our point of view, much more interesting and better!

We want to share with all of you our passion for beer and to let you know all about the good beer you can find in our region. Because the Spanish beer world is growing quickly thanks to Catalonia and other regions in Spain.

Here you will find information about the different Catalan beer companies you can visit, itineraries to discover a new beer world, our beer rankings, curiosities about beer and much more!

We are just a click from you.

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Anonymous said...

You must recommend also the next beers:
Moska in Girona
Les Clandestines in MOntferri