Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Rosita, the beer from Tarragona

Every beer has its own story, sometimes a little hidden, waiting to be discovered. The story about "Rosita", as you can imagine, takes the shape of a woman. It is the founders, Núria and Jaume Comte love story. A story marked by the social and family pressure because of the different origins and social classes of our main characters. But as all true love stories it has a happy ending: the birth of their daughter, Rosita.

And maybe you are wondering, how is Rosita? This beer has been brewed since January 2008, in Tarragona, in the town of Alcover. It is a blond beer and, as her parents define Rosita, with character.


Tomas Nihlén said...

I love Rosita, it's one of the best Spanish beers I've found so far here in BCN.

Anonymous said...

I happened across Rosita whilst at the Q-station on the North Side of Sydney, Australia. I was at a work function. Now - I like my bitter beers, I very much like VB and I really don't like citrus zest (orange, lemon or lime) at all, not even when used in cooking.

Then I tasted this beer, Rosita.

Don't be fooled by my initial description - this is not a beer impersonating alcoholic lemonade, far from it. It's beer through and through, it tastes like beer for sure - but - this beer is something different, very unexpected and just a little bit special. I would describe it as ever so subtly, almost imperceptively zesty, and thoroughly more-ish.

I understand Rosita is even relatively hard to obtain in Spain, they are a small brewer by world standards so any time I see it in Australia, I grab all I can carry.

So there I was on a sunny summer afternoon, sitting on a jetty, water lapping at the pylons, Rosita in hand, against the backdrop of Sydney Harbour.....