Thursday, March 22, 2012

Rosses i Torrades

Rosses i Torrades, just one craft beer shop in the wide Eixample area in Barcelona, in Consell de Cent, 192.

Just that, yes, but quite noteworthy, because we can find several bars devoted to artisanal beer in Barcelona, but not a lot of beer shops. That's a value to me. Not just because it only sells artisanal beer, but also because not being a bar gives it a lot more freedom of choice and a greater selection of beers.

Upon entering, I'm glad to see how in such a small shop you can feel like you've entered into a universe of artisanal beer. All around you are shelves of bottles that you are interested in, from a lot of different countries including the host, Catalonia. You can find, among others, the most unique craft beers from the States or very personal creations like the one from our good Steve Huxley, "Steve's best bitter". I'm really curious about this one, as in the Barcelona Beer Festival, a few days ago, that cask ran out and we could not taste it.

I'm not only picking up this beer but also adding this shop to my must-come-back-to list.


Carlos said...

what about tools and materials to brew beer at home?

Joe said...

Look here for all those tools: