Friday, April 13, 2012

Beer Festival in Molines De Rei (Barcelona) - April 2012

This weekend is the second annual Trobada de Cervesers Artesans de Catalunya (Meeting of Catalan Craft Brewers) in Molins de Rei. Saturday April 14 is the date for anyone who is interested in sampling some local beers and getting their hands on the new book, Guia de Cervezas Españolas (Guide to Spanish Beer). In addition to a number of local brewers, there will be a homebrewers competition to try some of the local homebrews. This is exciting news for the region, since just a couple of years ago most people might not have even known what homebrewers were! Unlike the Barcelona Beer Festival, which featured craft brews from around the world, this weekend's beer festival is limited to a more local flavor, and it's small format allows for quality time with the brewers.


Knut Albert said...

I am eagerly awaiting updates. You should also post a list of the best bars and shops for visitors to Barcelona. I will be visiting in a week or so, my blog is at

Knut Albert said...

Please keep the blog posts coming. Why not a guide to the best beer bars, restaurants and shops for visitors?
I will visit Barcelona during the first week of July. My beer blog is at

Eric said...

Hi there,

sorry for not getting back sooner, we are hoping to do that soon. if you need any help in the meantime in Barcelona, let me know!